• 1925 : creation of the Sadillek company by its founder, Mr Léon Sadillek, on the Ivry sur Seine port.
  • 1951 : Mr Sadillek’s heirs take on Mr Jacques Valery, a HEC graduate, so as to run the company which is in financial straits.
  • 1960-1964 : once turning the business round, Mr Valery takes it over and becomes director.
  • 1970 : giving up of chemical analyses and setting up of a spectrometer to analyse finished products and those under way.
  • 1973 : complete rehabilitation of assembly lines and setting up of purifiers of smokes.
  • 1980-1985 : production capacity reaches 20 tons a day.
  • 1987 : death of Mr Valery. The company’s capital is taken over by his son Patrick Valery.
  • 1992 : the whole company’s industry is decentralized from Ivry Sur Seine to Monmarault. New plant of 4000 m2, covered by 2 platforms which process raw material. Production capacity reaches more than 30 tons a day.
  • 1995 : The manual setting of ingots onto pallets is replaced by automated machines.
  • 1999 : shift to 35 working hours per week and production capacity upgraded to 60 tons a day. ISO 9002 certification and EAQF enewal.
  • January 2000 : external growth with the purchase of Affinerie d’Anjou which remains a separate legal entity. Patrick Valery’s two sons are named as managing directors: Antoine Valery as director of Sadillek and Michel Valery as director of Affinerie d’Anjou.
  • October 2002 : the ISO 9001 2000 version certification is obtained and this certification is renewed until today.
  • July 2007 : the ISO TS 16949 2002 version certification is obtained.