Production Capacity

The production capacity of aluminium alloy ingots of SADILLEK and AFFINERIE d'ANJOU is :

2,800 tons a month

and is shared out into two distinct sites :

  • Montmarault in Allier, 75 KMS North from Clermont Ferrand,
  • Linières-Boutons in Maine et Loire,45 KMS East from Angers.

The environment : a constant concern

Sadillek and Affinerie d’Anjou installations are registered by orders of the prefect. They are equipped with three purifiers which treat smokes and are controlled by automated machines. Lime is added for the drying of turnings and sodium bicarbonate with lignite coke is added for the furnaces’ smokes in foundries.

All our secondary products are sent to reprocessing plants or authorized regenerative centres :

  • saline slags
  • residues of slags from foundries’ furnaces
  • purifying lime
  • engine oil
  • soluble oil